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Good Days and Bad Days, The Ups and Downs of Lyme Treatment


Worth a repost

Originally posted on My Color Is Lyme:


This site continues to post incredible articles. This one very articulately shares the extreme highs and lows of Lyme disease, especially when you are in treatment.

” You’ll be symptom free, full of energy and ready to carry on with life but this is biggest deception you could fall for because soon enough you’ll be hit with a bad…

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Vitamin B 1 Deficiency

Here are a few good links on foods high in Thiamine (B 1) and symptoms of deficiency.

I am not surprised that a lot of people who suffer from Chronic Lyme have this problem due to several factors; malabsorption, the fact that a lot of us can’t tolerate grains or dairy (some foods high in B 1) and the fact that some of us have the MTHFR defect that inhibits us from methylating properly.

I just…

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Waiting on the Lord



Originally posted on Hope Beyond:

Waiting on the Lord,

Clinging to this keyboard,

Playing the “how long psalm” in my head.

Where does my help come from?

So obvious that it’s Him once again

And yet the troubles trouble on.

“God is not Santa Claus,”

I once wrote a fellow sufferer, or

One who hands us our lottery happiness ticket.

The Lord knows no boundary of time

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Bad Day Post

Okay so here it is, posting on a day when I’m down.
All in all this week hasn’t been too bad. I have had better energy and been getting through my days more easily (good). But for the last week I have also had much worse insomnia (bad).

My LLMD in Seattle had given me Ambien from the beginning that I have taken semi-consistently throughout treatment due to sleeping troubles. I have gotten myself…

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Bart Be Gone

The last few days have been…..good!
Fatigued and a little down the first half of Monday yes, but I was able to get to Monday night small group for the first time in many months and made it through today with not too many ill effects (a few of the usual suspects of course, but manageable).

This is all very exciting because I know I have a little ways to go with some physical struggles, but I…

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A Weekend Of Renewal

This weekend I had the first weekend away (for non-medical purposes) in years.

I spent the weekend with dear friends in Copalis Washington close to the tippy tip of the west coast.
It was a weekend of sharing, study and spiritual renewal along with some fun activities.

I feel blessed and amazed right now that physically I did really well, almost normal! Besides the usual water retention (yes I’m…

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Power Puff Girl

I was wondering if anyone else has worse inflammation when they first wake up in the morning?

I seem to have a lot of fluid especially in my face and huge bags under my eyes when I first wake up, then later in the day it seems to (mostly) settle in my lower body. Increased body pain seems to accompany fluid, no surprise.

I have been through this before but I have also been getting morning sweats

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