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"Why Don’t You Just Push Through?"

“Why Don’t You Just Push Through?”


Haven’t we all been here?
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Today, someone said to me something that I know a lot of people are thinking. “Why don’t you just push through? Why don’t you just try to live normally and do what you want, regardless if you might hurt a little more the next day.” “Maybe if you stay busy, and get a part-time job, you…

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Bowing The Knee To What We Don’t Know

Bowing The Knee To What We Don’t Know

Today is Monday, and although I am blessed not to work Mondays they usually aren’t “fun”.
A typical day off for me is waking up in the morning feeling “hungover”, groggy, swollen and puffy, heavy and achy usually with a headache. Do I drink? No. But with the MTHFR defect and Lyme I think everything I take into my body both food and meds just linger longer than they would in a normal person….That…

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The a Emotional Ups and Downs of Lyme, you are not Alone

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This is a re-post from May, but it is so relevant to the journey of the Lyme sufferer. When you are so ill that you are barely functioning you literally just live life day to day, because that is all you can handle, I call it survivor mode. When in survivor mode you ignore all the “big” things…all the things that normal people are out there doing because it…

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WEIRD Die Off…. Giddiness Anyone

WEIRD Die Off…. Giddiness Anyone

So this is the second time in this round of die-off that along with my balance issues I feel very strangely mellow and chill, a little disconnected and well… rather giddy and happy. Everything is extremely funny today for some reason. But I am going to embrace the feeling right now in not feeling down and simply rejoice because discomfort or no I am in a place of healing. So this is my verse for…

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Lyme/Babesia Update: My Miracle Summer

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For a long time, I didn’t think I’d ever get to write this post but here it is. I think I have finally made it back to feeling normal (pretty darn close!). Time will tell if I get to a point of complete cure but for now I am grateful beyond words to have gotten my life back after a long, tough journey of dealing with Lyme Disease and Babesia.  After 3…

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Die Off Check In

So again I will give the disclaimer that this round of die off isn’t too bad.

But I have been really fatigued (more than my normal everyday fatigue).

Been feeling very emotional.

More “shut down” in my head.

“Hungover” feeling

Sometimes like today my heart is beating hard with some chest pain and I feel like when I stand up it is harder to breathe and I need to sit down.

I have also been…

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